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Cynthia’s Counselling and Empowerment Trust

Empowering communities, changing lives

Cynthia’s Counseling and Empowerment Trust’s mission is to promote positive behaviours, contribute towards reducing poverty and new HIV infections by 2036.

Cynthia’s Counselling and Empowerment Trust

Founded in 2006, Cynthia’s Counselling and Empowerment Centre Trust (Cynthia’s Child care) is a community-based organisation (CBO) in Good Hope Sub-District of Botswana. Since March 2021, our mandate has been to provide care and support for people affected and infected by HIV, and to promote positive behaviours in the targeted villages to reduce new HIV infections among adolescent girls, young women, adolescent boys and young adults.

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Organisational objectives

Promote gender equality and women’s empowerment

Create a conducive environment to reduce or eliminate stigma and discrimination amongst people living with HIV

Operate a day care centre for vulnerable children who are orphaned and disabled

Support the needy and PLHIV to prevent risky behaviour that leads to HIV/AIDS amongst the vulnerable groups

Liaise with government and other NGOs concerned with the promotion of HIV/AIDS awareness in the community

Provide support for people living with non-communicable diseases and their families

Provide support for women and families coping with gender-based violence

HIV prevention and quality-of-life

Prevent new HIV infections

  • Increasing HIV prevention knowledge, particularly for young women
  • Promoting condom use
  • Facilitating ART adherence to reduce viral load
  • Raising awareness of PrEP

Preserve health for people living with HIV

  • Promoting HIV testing and enrolling into antiretroviral therapy (ART)
  • Creating a household supply chain for ARVs and other essential medications to ensure adherence while reducing COVID19 exposure
  • Support people living with HIV to participate in screening for Tuberculosis and non-communicable diseases

Where we do our work

The organization’s catchment areas include nine villages in the Good Hope Sub-District in the Southern District of Botswana. The Good Hope Sub-District is one of the four sub-districts that comprise Botswana’s Southern District whose headquarters are in Kanye. Good Hope is bordered in the north by Kanye Sub-District, to the east by Lobatse Town Council, to the west by Kgalagadi District, and to the south by South Africa. We work in the following villages:

Bethele Dinatsahana Kgoro Magoriapitse Malokaganyane Ngwatsau Pitsane-Photlokwe Rakhuna Sheepfarm

Contact us

mailing address

P.O. BOX 109