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About the organisation

Cynthia’s Child care Trust is a Community Based organisation (not-for-profit), registered in May 2007. Initially the trust registration was number is MA234/2007, it was re-registered as requirement by Botswana law on the 12th March 2021, and the new registration is : TUHGB-000025-21. The trust is located at Malokaganyane Village in the Good Hope Sub-District. We currently provide services to eight villages in the Barolong area: Malokaganayane, Sheep farm, Ngwatsau, Pitsane–photloko, Rakhuna, Dinatshana, Bethel, and Magoriapitse.

Mercy and a certificate

Our mission and objectives

Cynthia’s Counselling and Empowerment Trusts mission is to promote positive behaviours, contribute towards reducing poverty and new HIV infections by 2036.

  • To provide care and support for people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.
  • To promote positive behavior in target areas/villages to reduce new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women, as well as adolescent boys and young men.
  • Promote quality early childhood development.
  • Promote good child upbringing, morality, and promotion of family values as the most important unit in building better welfare of humans.
  • Provision of life skills training and identify income generation activities for poverty alleviation and to promote self-sufficiency and resilience.

Preschool and early childhood education

Our purpose is to promote early learning and ensure children have the learning, developmental and well-being outcomes they need for school and life.

Early learning objectives:

  • Develop a positive self-concept
  • Lay the groundwork for a strong physique, proper muscular coordination and fundamental motor abilities
  • Adopt healthy life style habits and the fundamental life/self help skills required for social adjustment on a personal level
  • Improve communication skills, both verbal and non verbal, to make it easier to convey thoughts and feelings through fluent, accurate and stable speaking
  • Advocate for children’s rights

Children at the centre's preschool


March for HIV prevention

We provide empowerment and encouragement to those who most at risk of becoming infected with HIV, including vulnerable children, disabled individuals, and those living In poverty, as well as those currently suffering from this virus within the Good Hope subdistrict.

Prevention of new HIV transmission

  • By increasing HIV prevention knowledge particularly for People living with HIV (PLHIV) and AGYW
  • Promoting condom use
  • Encouraging and promoting ART adherence to suppress viral load; and raising awareness on PrEP

Preserve health for people living with HIV

  • Promoting HIV testing and enrolling into ART
  • Creating household supply chain for ARVs and other essential medications to ensure adherence while reducing COVID 19 exposure
  • Supporting PLHIV to participate in screening for TB and NCDs


Income generation and skills development

Our goal is to alleviate poverty through income generation and building capacity through skills training.


  • Organise rural women to participate in socio-economic development by equipping them with skills and knowledge
  • Set up a revolving loan scheme to provide working capital, to allow them to undertake various income generating activities and entrepreneurial development projects.
  • Provide training on IGA’s, promoting various preventive measures, women rights, gender based violence and women empowerment, Beading Income generation AGYW
People examining a garden

Information dissemination and training

Men at the Safe Ride program

The trust empowers young women and youth to build sustainable livelihoods by identifying training opportunities and enrolling them for qualifying courses that creates employment and earn them a living to support themselves and their families without indulging in risky behaviours even after Cynthia’s Counselling and Empowerment trust, also some benchmarking opportunities outside the country.


  • COVID 19 School Outreach for primary school
  • Behaviour change training AGYW
  • Trained volunteers on certificate working with youth and children